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  • Cuisine
    Contemporâneo Opções sem glúten Bar Adequado a vegetarianos Europeia Opções vegan
  • Restrictions
    Opções vegan Adequado a vegetarianos Opções sem glúten
  • Meal types
    Bebidas Jantar Pequeno-almoço Almoço Brunch
  • Category


  • Segunda-feira: 12.30–14.30, 19.00–21.00
  • Terça-feira: 12.30–14.30, 19.00–21.00
  • Quarta-feira: 12.30–14.30, 19.00–21.00
  • Quinta-feira: 12.30–14.30, 19.00–21.00
  • Sexta-feira: 12.30–14.30, 19.00–21.00
  • Sábado: 12.30–14.30, 19.00–21.00
  • Domingo: Fechado

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Josh Lau
We are very passionate about burgers back in my home city(Newcastle upon Tyne). We have numerous burger places which are all amazing(so i thought until I came here.) Every year back in my city, we have this competition called battle of the burger where several restaurants have to create a new burger and we vote for the best one. Rusty'co would have won that competition every single year. I ordered "The Fruity" and my girlfriend ordered the "Cheese and bacon". We also ordered a side of fries. Never have I had a burger full of such flavour! Every part of the burger was perfect. The beef was extremely high quality, the caramelised onions were the best I've ever had. The pineapple had the perfect amount of sweetness! whereas other places, the pineapple is normally overwhelming and makes it very sickly to eat towards the end of the burger. Even the bun was spot on, it had a very nice chewy consistency. Everything was just so perfect. I also had a bite of my girlfriend's cheese and bacon and that was delicious! The fries were extremely delicious. They tasted almost like kettle chips but a whole lot nicer and they were super crispy! I'd definitely recommend ordering the fries as a side! The prices are incredibly cheap as well! The portion sizes are pretty large. You definitely get more than your money's worth. Other places on "The Strip" or in Albufeira are around double the price, and probably half as tasty. I would definitely recommend coming here at least once on your visit to Albufiera! Easily one of, if not the best restaurant around! :) Best burgers I have ever eaten! We also had a nice chat with the owners who are extremely friendly and we made good friends with them! It was a very nice environment to eat in, compared to the rest of "The Strip", which is normally very loud and full of drunk people. Overall it was a very chilled and relaxing dinner, surrounded by friendly people! :) Thank you very much for the world's most delicious burgers Filipa and Mafalda! - Josh and Holly We'll definitely visit again next time we are back in Albufeira! Wishing you all the best and success!
Holly Moses
You must visit here before you leave Albufeira, I can honestly say that these burgers are the most delicious I have ever had! And trust me I eat a lot of burgers!!! The beef is such high quality yet the price is so affordable, in fact cheaper then all the abundant Italian / Portuguese restauraunts scattered everywhere! Highly recommend the pineapple burger if you're looking for unique yet mouthwatering meal! Thank you so much for our delicious burgers!

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